Laenude Ulan-Ude - kiire vormistamine

Ulan-Ude history The first people who settled in the area of present Ulan-Ude were tribes of Evenks and Buryat Mongols. It is a giant head of Vladimir Lenin. It was gradually becoming a large shipping, storage and trade center. Ulan-Ude is an important railway hub due to its location on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Today, it is an important center of Siberian culture and history, the center of Buddhism in Russia. City Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. Also the city is the starting station of the Trans-Mongolian Railway passing through Mongolia to Beijing, the capital of China. It became the best prison in Siberia. The camp in Berezovka was one of the largest in the Russian Empire. History Museum of Buryatia has rich archaeological collections of the Bronze, Iron, Medieval Ages; an ethnographic collection and a collection of decorative and applied arts. The fort was named Udinskoe meaning “standing on the Uda River”. Laenude Ulan-Ude - kiire vormistamine. This is the only way to travel in the direction of Vladivostok. The settlement grew rapidly because of its favorable geographical position. Ulan-Ude is the first city along the Trans-Siberian that feels like you’ve finally arrived to Asia. The sculptural composition “Hospitable Buryatia”, installed at the eastern end of the Selenga bridge, meets all who enter into the central part of the city from the west. Public transport includes trams, buses, taxis. Ulan-Ude Hotels Ulan-Ude has quite a few hotels and most of them are not that expensive. Udinskoe became an important trade center linking Russia, China and Mongolia.

It is an architectural monument of the Siberian baroque. Nature Museum of Buryatia. During World War I, camps for prisoners of war were established in Verkhneudinsk and Nizhnaya Berezovka. Laenud on alla 12 protsenti. Laenud kuni 90000 eurot Samara. Most Recent Articles: Health: Drugstore: Lenina ulitsa. The climate is sharply continental, arid. The pride of the museum is a fund of rare books, which includes Buddhist literature in Tibetan and old written Mongolian languages. Ulan-Ude attractions Ulan-Ude has a unique historical and cultural heritage. Health: Drugstore: Lenina ulitsa. They are mostly concentrated in the historic downtown.. A special place is occupied by a collection of Buddhist religious objects. It was built to collect tribute from the local population. During the Second World War, there were several military hospitals in the city. Kharkov Russian Drama Theater was evacuated to Ulan-Ude